domingo, 4 de novembro de 2007

Beleza Roubada (Parte 6/7)

20. ‘O Cammello ‘Nnammurato – Pino Daniele

21. My Love and I – Charlie Haden

22. Variazioni Su Un Tema Messicano

23. Quartet n°20 in D major, K.499

24. The Life – Mark Tschanz
Site Oficial
- A música está disponível na linha do tempo, ano de 1996.

25. In Questa Splendida Citta’ – Paolo Passano

26. Say It Ain’ So – Roland Gift

When I'm out of sight
You think you're free
Out of my mind
Where can you be?

You say you're sorry
You were only with a friend
I know I worry
But it happens again and again

You say it ain't so
And I deny
I ever asked you to go
You say it ain't so
I want to believe
you won't deceive me anymore

Sooner or later
I give up this life
Wish I could hate you
God knows I've tried

How can you tell me
There's nothing to be said
When you took my money

Well that I night I died
Laying in your bed

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